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Recently a new version of Java released by Apple Inc for the users of Mac so it will be the best choice for them to upgrade their system with latest Java OS X 2013-002. This version brings some more useful features for the users to protect their system having security bug fixes along with compatibility to update SE 6 with Java OS X.

update SE 6 with java OS X tips and link Requirements to install SE 6:

If you are a Mac user and want to boost your device by updating new SE 6 version of 1.6.0_43 so you have to first know about the system you can install in it. It will be luck for you that you have a Mac system of X 2013-002 with Java OS X because without Java OS X you cannot become able to install this new version of java. It means that you can update SE 6 with java OS X.  For users who have not java OS X and want to run their system with SE 6, they can search out the oracle for updating java OS X.

Download and install java SE 6:

Download and install java SE 6If you are taking step to download and install the latest version of Java for your Mac 2013-002 system then first read some instructions regarding this process by which you will get better understanding about this update and you can solve the issues.

  • Initially you have to download the latest version of Java 1.6.0_43 to update, that can be done by clicking this link http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1572 where follow the guidelines to download it.
  • Once you get this version in your Mac system you have to uninstall all previous running versions of Java because this will not work until other will not go out from the Mac system. You can say that it contains whole power and want to prevail on whole computer.
  • You would have to stop using any web browser at the time of its installation. This is the way to download and install latest version of Java having Mac OS X 2013-002 system but those people who have not this opportunity can use this version by following the prior given way to make it possible for their not having OS X system.
  • Update SE 6 with Java OS X help to fix your security issues with your Mac system except it, this version take some other changes than its prior versions that it has more compatible and reliable sources  to perform functions. If you are a Mac OS X user then don’t stay way to update SE 6 on your system.

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