Software Update Of Apple TV 6.0 Released with AirPlay and iTunes Radio

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Software Update Of Apple TV 6.0 Released with AirPlay and iTunes Radio

You might have noticed that everywhere people just talking about the Apple event, their new devices like iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, iOS 7 and many others. It feels like that everyone is celebrating the Apple festival.

The Apple announced another new Apple TV 6.0 Software Update, including AirPlay from the iCloud and Apple’s new iTunes Radio (music service), iCloud videos and photos and Podcasts from the iCloud.

As many were expecting, the newly update gives a large number of some new and nifty features for the Apple TV consumers making their views about the Apple’s TV service awesome.

With the AirPlay from iCloud, the iTunes consumers can now play their favorite content, purchased from the Apple iTunes Store on any kind of Apple TV, streaming it through iCloud. And that’s not an end, Apple is also working on some secret devices that will really surprise you. So keep intouch with us for the latest news and updates from the Apple.

The Apple has been struggling very hard to boost the Apple TV content service in the recent months and surprisingly has added some extra applications for the Vevo, the Disney channel, the Weather channel, the Smithsonian channel, and more. Oh this rumor just astonished me when I heard that the company is working on specific updated version of the Apple TV hardware, that might debut later on this year.


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