P0sixninja Develop iOS 7 Untethered tool to jailbreak 6.1.3

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P0sixninja develop iOS 7 untethered tools to jailbreak 6.1.3 which was recently introduced by the apple corporation to make enhancements in the field of telecommunication.It will be big and thrilling news for people having apple devices and those who wished to update their devices with latest IOS 6.1.3 but a thing which restricts them to do so is its unsupportive feature to evasion jailbreak. Finally this secret has been revealed and now every user can use this tool in coming days.

P0sixninja develop iOS 7

P0sixninja was a team member of Chronic Dev and explained his thought in different interviews that he is working for this development for a long time ago and after a big struggle he became able to introduce the most advanced tool to jailbreak latest and coming versions of IOS.

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Can you imagine that you can jailbreak your device with IOS 6.1.3? Yes you can be and all this become possible with P0sixninja develop iOS 7which capable to support not only the latest firmware even he commenced a step towards the coming IOS versions that this tool will work for IOS 6X and with others IOS 7 versions which is in process and hope so, this category will launch soon.

What is New in P0sixninja iOS 7?

This one feature is very exciting and good for apple lovers who always take steps to keep their devices up to date. After releasing this jailbreak version, they will no need to keep waiting for jailbreak tool for IOS 7 versions. You can say that this tool will help to users in jailbreaking different latest versions of IOS.

Let’s review our talk about IOS 6.1.3 is an ending version of jailbreak with evasion tool even no other jailbreak tool can be used to break this but it seems fake now due to the iOS 7. P0xisninja claimed that he is only the owner of this tool and no one can share this credit with him.

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This jailbreak tool is updated to fix many issues regarding jailbreaking process and like evasion tool it will give you better results to use. p0sixninja has been working on this jailbreak tool about many years ago but the most advanced and proper idea was come near a few yearsyears ago and he successfully develops IOS 7.

As P0sixninja develop iOS 7sodon’t be afraid more to update your iPhones and other iDevices with latest firmware of IOS even he has waited for the latest versions of IOS firmware to challenge their jailbreak.  

Few complexes are seen in launching this tool whereas it is considered that during this year it can be available for people use but this is also in rumors that apple has also launched its fastest and newest one firmware in shape of IOS 7, so wait until its release to use.

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