New iOS 7 Update Fixes Security Bugs

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New iOS Update Fixes Security Bugs

New iOS 7 update has been released by the Apple to deal with some security bugs. As many iOS users are complaining about some security issues.

Ignored during the beta testing, the bug permitted the ability to call non emergency numbers, interact with the saved social networks and access phones’s photos, all without entering phone’s passcode.

Let’s have a talk about the iOS 7.0.1 update, allows the users to make iTunes Store purchases using Touch ID option on your iPhone 5S.

New iOS Update Fixes Security Bugs

A large number of iOS users are complaining about the Apple’s new operating system iOS 7 as it causes motion problems because of zoom animation. But still, you can’t see Apple solving this problem. Check out our comprehensive talk about this problem where we got a solution that can really reduce this problem.

Let’s change the topic as we’ve discussed it enough. According to the Chinese website ZOL, the Apple’s next generation iPad Mini will follow iPhone 5S’s color pattern. This site has also leaked an image of the gold iPad Mini 2.

New iOS Update Fixes Security Bugs

It shows that the Apple is looking for gold and silver colors for the iPad Mini 2 as iPhone 5S is getting great response from the people. So that’s why Apple is going with these color schemes. This would really surprise you when you come to know that you’re going to see the same kind of fingerprint technology as we’ve seen in the latest iPhone. Yet , Apple did not disclose anything officially about it.


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