The New Features of iOS 8 You Need to Know About

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iOS 8 features

Apple announced its new operating systems for both mobile and desktop platforms at its annual WWDC show. Apple didn’t hint about any of its upcoming devices except the software announcements. Anyhow, today we’ll let you know about all the new features of iOS 8 that haven’t been discussed in the event.

Wi-Fi Calling

It’s what every users would appreciate, really you don’t need to worry about your network signal as iOS 8 enables users to make calls using Wif-Fi only. T-Mobile has confirmed the new feature that’ll be applicable to the devices running iOS 8.

Safari Desktop Option

If you were in desire to see desktop version of a website on your iPhone, then say thanks to iOS 8 that brings an option to the Safari browser that turns you desire into the reality. The iOS version of Chrome already has that handy option.

Photo App

The iOS 8 brings an update to Photo app that allows users to disable or rearrange the app icons. They can also re-arrange the activities icons such as Slideshow, Assign Contact and Copy. The panorama mode will also be getable on iPad.

Camera App

The Camera App also gets updated in iOS 8. Users can now adjust exposure by a tiny slider located near to the onscreen focus icon. There’s also a self-timer option that comes handy while taking group photos. The Slo-Mo feature also becomes better with a time lapse option.


It’s not necessary that all of the messages in our inbox need to be preserved. Many of them are surplus and have no worth. So, iOS 8 does the job bringing a new ability that lets users set how long they like to save their messages: 30 days, one year or forever.

Battery Usage

The new operating system will allow the users to see their battery consumption (in number percentages) by individual app. So, you will able to know which app is using battery the most.


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