Nest Releases Nest Mobile 4.0 Update

| November 16, 2013 | 2 Comments

Nest Releases Nest Mobile 4.0 Update

The nest has released its new Nest Mobile 4.0 update yesterday. But many users aren’t happy and they are just confused about it.

The update 4.0 has totally redesigned UI & many other functions but all went wrong as the users have a little confusion about this update.

Nest Releases Nest Mobile 4.0 Update

For instance, some users are saying that the scheduled modifications are gone, but they are just tougher to find. You need to tap on thermostat to maximize it, and then a menu icon located at the upper right side will show things like the scheduler and the energy history. When thermostat isn’t maximized, same kind of icon does something else.

You would be surprised to know that there isn’t any help section or tooltips available. Even an email presenting to the users would have been a great idea.

Nest Releases Nest Mobile 4.0 Update

The Nest is one of the great companies, this newest version of iOS app might have been a lot more instinctive. Maybe we’ll see a rapid update.

Note to the Nest: ‘’Help’’ info is very good to include when you change the software radically. What looks obvious to the Nest employees who live with that kind of products every day, might not be obvious to others.


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