Let’s Find What iOS 7.1 Brings

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Let’s Find What iOS 7.1 Brings

We’ve been seeing Apple releasing minor updates to its mobile operating system since the September launch of iOS 7. These updates were focused to fix bugs, not too much new features. But the iOS 7.1 fills the gap with new features and fixes as well. It’s the first major update brought out by Apple to iOS 7 yet. Well, let’s get into what iOS 7.1 comprises for all of the iOS 7 users.

We’ll start from Apple’s CarPlay announced early in the March, aims to provide iOS touch while driving. This feature has got lots of hype as it has been in the air for last few weeks. We’ve seen the demos of Apple CarPlay from three well-known automobile makers at Geneva Motor Show. It’ll offer iOS users to access Maps, iTunes, GPS routing, Siri and above all the ability to call or text anyone without leaving your hands from steering wheel. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

iOS 7.1 update

The thing which should be discussed after the Apple CarPlay is Siri. The update largely focuses on the improvement of Siri. All you need to hold down your iPhone’s home button until you are finished asking question. It’s really important to know when Siri is actually listening you. You are only accepted to Siri when your thumb stays on the home button and won’t listen you when you uplift your thumb. Siri also gets some new voices like UK, Australian English, Japanese and Mandarin.

Your Calendar also gets changed with iOS 7.1 to offer more options. Now, you can know about events by going to the ‘month view’, the revamped ‘list view’ also can be seen. The update also contains enhancement in the Camera App like HDR will get enabled automatically, and this is for only iPhone 5S owners. There are also other new improvements that can be observed in iTunes Radio, UI and FaceTime calls.

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