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This article is particularly made for Apple users that will provide information regarding IOS download links to jailbreak and unlock iDevices. Do you want to jailbreak your device with different versions of IOS then consider links given here which will help you in that way. See below links and tap your needed one.

IOS download links to jailbreak Download Evasion version:

Evasion is a tool use to jailbreak iDevices. Different versions of evasion are given here choosing the one best suit to your device. Each version has described with suited devices with it.

Download Redsn0w tool:

Click the below mentioned links to download redsn0w tool for jailbreaking process but while choosing the version keep in mind that you have to first assess the compatibility of your device to this tool.


Tiny umbrella is suitable just for Window and Mac systems

TinyUmbrella 6.12.00: MacWindows


This is in particular made for Mac system and don’t hesitate to download this tool to jailbreak your device.


Download snowbreeze versions here just tap on link and follow the instructions.



All these links will help you to find the best suited version of tools for your having iDevice but need to select according to your device category. In case of having any trouble during the process check out your link and the device compatibility.

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