How to install iOS 7.1 Beta via Developer Account

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How to install iOS 7.1 Beta via Developer Account

Now the registered developers can install iOS 7.1 beta, that comes with the base firmware 11D5099e from the iOS Dev center. Download for iPhone 5S firmware weighs only 1.4GB according to the iClarified. This new beta brings a host of enhancements and bug fixes.

‘’Devices upgraded to the iOS 7.1 beta can’t be restored to the earlier versions of the iOS. Registered devices will be able to update to the future beta versions and final iOS software,’’ Apple advices with the iOS 7.1 beta release.

How to install iOS 7.1 Beta via Developer Account

Only registered developers are able to get iOS 7.1 Beta. Presently, there’s no way to download or install iOS 7.1 Beta without registering your device with the Apple. This will set you back $99 (£60) as the annual fee. It delivers access to the iOS beta software and development tools.

Those who don’t like to pay $99 can use the 3rd party service to get registered for only $5 to $8. It should be taken in mind that these 3rd party services aren’t affiliated with the Apple.

This iOS 7.1 Beta can be downloaded on any kind of device running iOS 7, but one thing important before going for the installation process, your device should be registered.

Here are the compatible devices for iOS 7.1 beta

iPhone 5S    iPhone 5       iPad Air    iPad 3    iPad Mini    iPod Touch 5G

iPhone 5C    iPhone 4       iPad 4     iPad 2      iPad Mini 2


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