How iOS 7 can be the Best of Apple in OS Releases?

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There are millions of iOS users around the world and millions of dedicated fans who love and recommend iOS and go to Apple products to use its operating system. Whether its Mac or iOS, it delivers some thing astonishing to the users which make them its fan and permament user.

iOS has been one of the most liked and known operating system of iPhone and iPad. People always keep their Apple products iPhone and iPad whereever they go, they keep it in high school, they take iPhones at party, they take it iPhones on the jobs pretty much everywhere they go, they keep their iOS based products with them.


Latest version of iOS

Latest version of iOS was released on February 21, 2013 and now tech-experts and Apple fans are expecting the next update, possibly iOS 7 would be released in the second half of the 2013. Apple iOS was supportive and made for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and 2nd gen. and higher, iPad Mini, Apple TV products of Apple.


Apple has always been a craze and demanding brand for smart phone lovers and tablet fans. iOS grabbed 60% of the market share for smartphones and tablet computers in 2011. According to the news and reports, At the end of 2012, iOS covered for 21% of the smartphone OS market and 43.6% on the tablets category.

In 2012, Apple’s iOS products market especially iPhone’s market got huge competition from Samsung’s Galaxy and Note Series.

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How iOS 7 can be the best?

Now all eyes are on iOS 7 as rivals are looking to bring some more and extra ordinary products. Samsumg might release Samsung Galaxy S4 after S3 brand of smart phone. iOS 7 for iPad and iPhone should be very best to compete with the competitors. Apple should improve their next edition of iOS and products can make a huge difference for Apple.

3 Things Apple should do best in iOS 7

Complete and Error free Release

Apple should release complete and full fledged iOS 7 edition in which they should not need to release a next edition to compensate and reinforce the iOS 7 release by 7.0.1 or 7.1 etc. Its better to get little late with the possible iOS 7 release but they should bring the best thing.

 More Creative Graphics and Design

Apple should give little change in the theme and style of iOS in the iOS 7 release. 

 Less Price Products

If next Apple’s products like iPhone 5S or iPad mini 2 come with comparatively less prices from market competitors, then it would more value to the Apple products and iOS 7 as well.


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