Downgrade IOS 6.1.3 Using iFaith Without SHSH

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IH8Sn0w launched iFaith for your system to save your certificates directly from your device. This will be beneficial for users when they want downgrade IOS 6.1.3 using iFaith of their devices and help them preserve the SHSH blobs.

downgrade IOS 6.1.3 using iFaithLatest version of iFaith has recently been released by iH8Sn0w which also resolves the validation issue of APTicket on Cydia. Here, we will discuss way to use iFaith for downgrading purpose without SHSH blobs that was not possible at the time of iPhone 3GS.

iFaith to downgrade IOS 6.1.3 to 6.1.2:

downgrade IOS 6.1.3How iFaith help you to downgrade your device from latest IOS version to lower? Here, I want to mention that you cannot use TinyUmbrella or iSHSHit to downgrade latest version of IOS because these tools cannot support this firmware and can only work with 6.1.2.

Why? you can fulfill your desire to downgrade IOS 6.1.3 using iFaith 1.5.6 because this version is made for downgrading purpose especially for 6.1.3. After releasing IOS 6.1.3, iFaith tool takes an important place among iDevice users for the reason that they need to downgrade their device from 6.1.3 because of inability to jailbreak and users have wish to go back to their prior jailbroken IOS versions.

Use iFaith to downgrade IOS 6.1.3:

using iFaithAre you a victim of latest, but unable to jailbreak IOS 6.1.3 and have wish to go back to the previous jailbroken IOS 6.1.2? Then, don’t go anywhere to search the way for this process because you will read best instructions to fulfill this procedure. Read the given instructions carefully and do it.

  1. Initially you have to download the latest version of iFaith 1.5.6 to start the process. Press this link iFaith v1.5.6 to download it on your system. It will save in zip file which you have to distract and run it as administrator.
  2. Tap the button “show available SHSH caches on server” and connect your device to your window system via USB cable.
  3. After this, you have to choose the blob for your device like 6.1.2 and download this blob.
  4. Once you do that then open the menu bar and tap Build, then Signed and tap IPSW w/Blobs and download the required firmware SHSH blobs.
  5. Then, iFaith starts to create IOS 6.1.2 custom firmware for your device after clicking Build IPSW, but remember do not interrupt the process until it will complete.
  6. Go to the DFU and start download iReb, unzip it and run on administrator and select your device that will bypass the coming errors during the process of downgrading.
  7. At the end, press the shift and tap restore the device after making connection with latest version of iTunes. Once you will choose the custom firmware it will start downgrading your device with 6.1.2 from the latest version of IOS 6.1.3. This is the whole successful procedure to downgrade IOS 6.1.3 using iFaith.

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