Coding Practices To Access Data of IOS Devices

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It often becomes an issue to diagnose problems related to ios devices. This tutorial will guide you all the way on how you can have access to device information like ios version number, device model, the selected language of the user and even more. If the device related problems can be diagnosed easily it gives the user a customized experience while using the application. The general scenario is that the users are extremely dependent on the developers for assistance and contact them for every trivial issue.

For example if the applications requires an internet connection and user emails the developer saying the iPod is not working effectively, the problem can quickly be determined with the help of a little knowledge related to the device and the environment.

ios devices access their data


  • A basic technical knowledge is required. However, internet is a rich resource to facilitate that to the user.


The following details will give you a guideline regarding the information access methodology of ios devices.

1.  Device Specifications at your fingertips:

  • The user can access device specific information from the following code.
  • “UIDevice *currentDevice = [UIDevice currentDevice];”
  • “NSString *model = [currentDevice model];”
  • “NSString *systemVersion = [currentDevice systemVersion];”

You can get the information related to the system version and model of the device through this code.

2. Getting information about the language of the user

  • “NSArray *languageArray = [NSLocale preferredLanguages];”
  • “NSString *language = [languageArray objectAtIndex:0];”
  • “NSLocale *locale = [NSLocale currentLocale];”
  • “NSString *country = [locale localeIdentifier];”

You can details regarding the language of the user through this code. The user’s country and region information can also be obtained through this code.

3.  Finding Version information with ease

  • “NSString *appVersion = [[NSBundle mainBundle]
  • objectForInfoDictionaryKey:(NSString *)kCFBundleVersionKey];”

The above mentioned code will make it easier for the user to determine the version of the ios device.

One should have accurate knowledge regarding the ios devices especially when one has to offer solutions and communicate with the users of the application. Users generally cannot articulate the troubling scenario. Having adequate knowledge about the application will help you assist the users in a better manner and provide improved services. Custom tailored interactions are possible with the application if you can access the data of your device. However, another important aspect is that you should  have adequate knowledge to interpret the code  so that your understanding is accurate and up to the mark.

If you have an understanding of the code you will even able to explain the problem in depth to the user. At the same time you will be able to avoid future problems  because you will be able well versed with the cause. Solutions are based on the fact that how much we understand the problem and lasting solutions can only be created by dissecting the problem well. Once you  have practically implemented this tutorial you would easily be able to decipher the device information. That is undoubtedly the blessing of technology finding solution to simply anything and that too with an organized, simplified and structured approach.


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