Apple’s Next iOS Update To Solve Random Issues

| January 24, 2014 | 0 Comments

Apple's upcoming iOS update to solve random issues

Apple finally breaks its silence by showing concern over random issues, which the users are intermittently complaining about. Apple talks about its next iOS update that’ll fix all the problems causing sudden shutdowns.

‘’We got a fix in the next iOS update for a problem which is responsible for the home screen crash,’’ an Apple representative said.

When the iOS 7 released in September, users started complaining about unexpected breakdowns of their handsets instead of having battery life in two digits.

An iPhone 5 user reported on Apple forums  on September 20, My iPhone gets shutdown with 18%, 20% or 36% remaining battery. Another iPhone owner complained about this issue with even 90% standing battery. He wrote that my iPhone has got off 6 times since I’ve updated to iOS 7.

The scope of this problem isn’t limited to a particular iOS device, it’s affecting iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPad 3. According to different complains reported on Apple forum.

I personally find this problem with my iPhone 5, my handset will shut when the battery reaches to 20 percent. Occasionally, It’ll automatically restart and then I place it over the charging.

Apple hasn’t disclosed any particular release date for this update. If you want to get posted with this update then stay tuned with us.


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