Cheaper iPhone 5C might cost Rs 40,000 in India

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Cheaper iPhone 5C might cost Rs 40,000 in India

New Delhi; few month ago when the phone analysts started talking about the Cheaper iPhone 5C, there was an indication that the Apple would lastly release an affordable and reasonable iPhone for price sensitive markets in the countries like China & India. The Apple did release a cheaper iPhone 5C on Tuesday. But this cheaper iPhone, is barely affordable.

The basic model of the iPhone 5C, that possesses hardware similar to the iPhone 5 but in a plastic look, will be available for just $99 (on contract) in the United Nations. But do not get mistaken by low price. In the India, the device is projected to cost around 40,000 (Indian rupee).

The $99 is a supported price and come into effect only when a customer purchases the phone along with 2 year contract with the telecom operator. Almost all the Smartphones in the United Nations and other developed countries like UK are vended on the contract basis. The telecom operator pays full price of iPhone to the Apple. It then vends that iPhone at a subsidized price but recovers the money via data plans and services that a customer has to take as a part of the 2 year contract.

Cheaper iPhone 5C might cost Rs 40,000 in India

In the India, the iPhones have been usually cost 20 percent higher than their unlocked price in the United Nations. In the case of iPhone 5C, it works out to around 40,000 (Indian rupee) at the recent dollar exchange rate. Another indication of the iPhone 5C price in the India is its price in the China. The Apple has disclosed that in the China the device will price around $730.


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