5 Ways to Save Mac Energy

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It is natural that everyone in his life wants to save things; these can be in shape of money, energy or any other thing. Mac users will also want to save their system’s battery life to run it for extra hours.

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For them an authentic survey brings 5 ways to save Mac energy in more secure and useful ways. Here, we will define these techniques to facilitate users that will make their use best than before. Watt’s Up Pro Power Meter is an instrument that was used during this task to assess the consumption of Mac’s energy and two systems were used one is MacBook Pro and the second was iMac, both assessed at the same time. 

Ways to save Mac energy:

There are 5 ways to save Mac energy on the basis of daily usage that will help users to store the battery consumption of their systems. See points below to get the knowledge regarding this issue.

1. Keep Bluetooth off:

Keep Bluetooth offAlthough the results do not much supported in this content, but it suggests that Bluetooth connectivity should be off when it will not be in use because it wastes the energy of MacBook Pro like using wireless mouse and keyboard take extra charges of battery then wire accessories.

2. Reduce the Brightness of the Screen:

Reduce the Brightness of the ScreenAmongst the 5 ways to save Mac energy it is the major fact that high-level of brightness eats the battery life whereas if it will remain at middle or lower level, then it exceeds the life of your Mac system up to 8.2W. Usage of MacBook pro with full brightness consumes 13.4W that is too high in range so you can apply this technique to save energy even I have applied this.

3. Desktop vs. Laptop:

Desktop vs. LaptopWatt’s meter conclude that laptop use too less energy than an iMac you can assess this by knowing the meter result iMac consume 83W whereas laptop consume 13.4W with full brightness and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity so MacBook Pro is the best choice for battery issue instead of iMac.

4. Prefer your system on sleep mode:

Prefer your system on sleep modeIf you want to leave your system for hours, then try to turn it on sleep mode rather than switched off. The fact behind this suggestion is that sleep mode consume minor energy as compare to starting the system that consume enough energies during its first minute start up.

5. Switched off the power button after using:

Switched off the power buttonAlways keep it in mind that when you plug in your devices into a power meter to charge, don’t let it be there after charging because it also consumes the energy of your device either it will be turned off. All these 5 ways to save Mac energy were taken from the Watt’s Up Pro power meter to aware you from methods to save precious energy of your system.

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