Why the iOS Users Should Upgrade To The New iOS 7

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Why the iOS Users Should Upgrade To The New iOS 7

It looks that the Apple iOS 7 free update has been very famous. The iOS users are showing great interest towards the newest version of Apple’s operating system for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone, the question is that why the Apple’s new iOS 7 got such hype, we’ll talk about it in detail here.

The iTunes Radio might not be at the upper side of of my private list, but free service might be the main charm for the music lovers. Accessed via Music application, the iTunes Radio music streams based on the song, artist or the genre. It is very similar to the Pandora.

The Control Center derives from the Android giving shortcuts to the important setting such as Wi-Fi, AirPlane Mode, Bluetooth, music controls, AirPlay, brightness and many more. There’re some handy shortcuts to the clock, camera, flashlight and calculator. The Control Center is released by simply a swipe while your device is locked.

Why the iOS Users Should Upgrade To The New iOS 7

App updating got easier with an option for them to automatically update. When an application updates, blue colored dot appears by an app name on home screen. It’s very hard to use a stolen device for anyone as the Activation Lock does so well.  Apple ID + password required to turn OFF ‘’Find My iPhone’’ service, to reactivate it and then use the device.


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