iPhone & iPad Owners Seem Not Happy With iOS 7

| September 27, 2013 | 1 Comment

iPhone & iPad Owners Seem Not Happy With iOS 7

Over 200 million iPhone & iPad owners have downloaded iOS 7 but they don’t seem happy with iOS 7 for some reasons, we’ll discuss these reasons why they aren’t happy with that.

Apple’s iPhone & iPad users have been complaining about the new iOS 7’s zoom and parallax features. Many of them have said they experienced motion sickness, nausea, vertigo, and headaches just because of the motion on screen.

You can see zoom animations on new iOS 7 almost everywhere making the users nauseous and also giving them a headache.

Many iPhone & iPad owners reported similar kinds of issues, and some of them said that they have tried calling the Apple about this problem. But they were told that there are some features with the passage of time  will get okay. After this some users are showing desire for the iOS 6 as it was easy for them.

The iOS 7’s color scheme is so simpler and the new parallax lets the users feel as they are head on with display. The latest operating system, that was imagined by the Jonathan Ive (the company’s design guru), also has new features of zoom to access the applications.

Although some zoom functions will probably remain same, but the parallax feature can be solved from Accessibility Menu in the iOS 7. Upon selecting reduce motion, the iPhone and iPad users can turn off this parallax function.


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