iPhone Game “Farm Family” Review

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The iPhone game “Farm Family” is developed by the Colorful Mobile Life. So here is a shocker; I like it more than the Candy Crush.

iPhone Game “Farm Family” Review

Improving beautiful graphics that are lavish and completely cute, the Farm Family is a tile-changing, and all that you need to do is to match at least three tiles in a row. So I love this game more than the Candy Crush because it always looks like as  it is constantly trying to open my wallet.

It does not mean that this game is free of charges but requires not too much amount that you spend for that Candy Crush. So in that sense it gives you entertainment without spending too much on it.

iPhone Game “Farm Family” Review

The match-three genre is completely overdone at that point, but the Farm Family finally manages to make it all seem unique again. That’s partly because of the character designs are so nifty. And let me tell you one thing about its sound, it makes you feel happy when you play this game as it is so cute and energetic.

The Farm Family also provides fun as it is not just about making points. Each levels has some mini missions, compelling you to get a certain number of each kind of fruit if you want to progress in that particular level.

According to some people, the Farm Family holds some similarities such as boosters and the ‘’cool down’’ period. But the Farm Family makes you feel unique as it gives a completely different gameplay.

If I’ve one objection to that awesome game, it doesn’t provide difficulty. The Candy Crush is addictive because it is so difficult to play but the Farm Family is too simple and easy to play.

The Fans of Candy Crush and other match-3 genre games will like Farm Family! Even if you are sick of the match-3 genre games, so you should give a little try to it! Really, I couldn’t put that game down!

Farm Family is well compatible with iPhone, ,iPad and iPod touch. It Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is heightened for iPhone 5.

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