iPhone 5S Review – A Decent Choice

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iPhone 5S review

Looking to buy a smartphone? If you like Apple products, then here I am covering its latest flagship device, the iPhone 5S that was released in the fall of 2013 along with its little brother iPhone 5C. Anyhow, our review might help those who’re interested in buying Apple’s latest technology.

Apple released iPhone 5S in 3 different colors including Gold, Space Grey and Silver. But, folks liked Gold the most as its demand is still outdoing. Design wise, it is one of the best designs from the Apple yet. You won’t feel bad even after spending years with it. For me, Apple has been awesome bringing us this cool and minimalist design. So, it gets 4.5 stars when it comes to design.

iPhone 5S colour scheme

The TouchID feature was the main highlight of this phone when it launched last year. This new move might also compel you take this phone as it sidesteps the nuisance of typing passcodes again and again to unlock the handset. All you need to put your finger on the scanner and that’s it.

iPhone 5S fingerprint technology

When it comes to screen size, the iPhone 5S could get a negative point as it isn’t that sufficient as it should have been. Anyhow, the Retina Display fills the gap and delivers the great viewing and watching experience. With small screen, it gets fit easily to your pockets and is manageable with a single hand.

The presence of 64-bit A7 processor makes this iPhone ideal for heavy multitasking and seamless web browsing. The 8MP iSight camera offers a stunning photography experience. The iPhone 5S’s battery combines enough juice that can last the entire day on a normal use. One thing which makes it superior over other Android smartphones is that it doesn’t consume any of the battery when not in use.

Overall, it’s a decent phone from all perspectives bringing the latest technology in your hands.

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