iPhone 5C Review, Specs, Features and Design

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iPhone 5C Review, Specs, Features and Design

iPhone 5C is a surprise, coming from the company that creates premium and high-end products traditionally. The question arises, can iPhone 5C really compete? Here we’ve come with an iPhone 5C review.


The most obvious thing about iPhone 5C, it does not look much like an iPhone. Other recent Smartphones in the line have metal body covers, iPhone 5C is prepared from plastic.

iPhone 5C Review, Specs, Features and Design

It does not necessarily look ugly but it certainly looks cheaper. One may say, it looks like Lumia range a little bit. Though it has the same shape and size as the other iPhones.


It has 1.3GHz dual core Apple 32 bit A6 processor and 1GB RAM, that makes it a little ugly in front of iPhone 5S that has Apple A7 64 bit processor. But for a mid range phones it isn’t bad at all and might struggle with some games & other demanding tasks, but it handles web browsing perfectly.


iPhone 5C incorporates an 8MP camera, that is a fairly standard for mid-range phone. It can shoot a 1080p video nicely at 30fps and has LED flash and 1.2MP secondary front camera. But it isn’t as good as the iPhone 5S’s camera, there are lots of other things going on behind the scenes.


iPhone 5C has 4-inch (640 x 1136 IPS LCD) Retina display with the 326 ppi pixel density, that makes it similar to the display on the iPhone 5S. That’s really notable for a Smartphone that prices significantly less.

Our Verdict

iPhone 5C Review, Specs, Features and DesignOverall, iPhone 5C is a pretty decent and impressive phone. It has solid specs and captivating screen display. Moreover, it is one of the affordable ways to get iOS 7 and Siri on your hands.


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