iPhone 5C Review: Old Women in a Colorful Dress

| November 28, 2013 | 2 Comments

iPhone 5C Review: Old Women in a Colorful Dress

With some rumors prevailing around that new iPhone will be named as iPhone 5C, people were very quick in saying that it’ll be a cheaper phone. Indeed, that was just wannabe thinking for iPhone 5C.


This is a colorful iPhone, Apple set ‘’C’’ in its name and stands for colorful. It is available in wide range of different colors, with white being the most moderate. That might be an issue for the people who want to see this iPhone without any riot of colors. For example, if I want it to be in black cover that doesn’t look possible as Apple haven’t made black one.

iPhone 5C Review: Old Women in a Colorful Dress

It is also super light and thin. iPhone 4 is my old device and this iPhone 5C is half of its thickness. It’s not that you are gonna have some irritating compliments from your fellows: your phone looks a bit cheap one, it doesn’t suit your personality etc. I must say the credit goes to Apple who did a superb job making such a unique phone out of plastic material. It has a solid feel, you can’t say it’s a plastic stuff unless you make a physical contact with it.

iPhone 5C Review: Old Women in a Colorful Dress

The external buttons for volume are now rhombus instead of circles in iPhone 5, which this iPhone is replacing. There are only 4 holes at the bottom instead of a speaker grille that can be found in earlier models.

Final Verdict

I must say that it is an iPhone 5 in a new colorful body.


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