Dead Defence An iPhone Game Review

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Dead Defence An iPhone Game Review

The Dead Defense is an iPhone game developed by the PlayFlock. If you are into zombies, the tower defense games, or just in need of latest game to play on your handset when you are waiting for bus, this new game is lots of fun!

In this kind of tower defense game, you must save humankind from some clutches of a zombie virus. There’re clusters of the survivors here and there, and you must battle some bunch of the monsters to save what remains of the humanity.

Dead Defence An iPhone Game Review

The game is 100% free to play. You can also make In app purchases to offer yourself an edge by getting some additional crystals for unlocking all defense towers.

Boasting lots of gruesome looking monsters and bosses, the Dead Defense has heavier graphics than any other iOS a game. The monster designs are impressively detailed. There’re lots more new turrets and weapons to master as well.

If you are still enjoying an older iOS device, then note that this apps’ list of the supported devices comprises iPhone 4 and up, iPod touch 3rd generation and up, and iPad.

Dead Defence An iPhone Game Review

Overall, the Dead Defense is awesome for the TD gamers who love to take challenges. As a new app, it does look like the upcoming version of the game could benefit from some minor adjustments to gameplay balance.

A lot of user reviews seem to indicate that a few tweaks to accumulate some energy more swiftly would make overall game more interesting.

Dead Defence An iPhone Game Review

All things measured, this Tower Defense game gets a score of 8.5 out ten. This game is very nifty, in spite of some minor quibbles here & there. If you wanna learn more the Dead Defense on the Facebook.

The Dead Defense is well compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This nifty app is optimized for the iPhone 5. Requires iOS (4.3 or later).


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