3 Reasons For Not Upgrading to iOS 7

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3 Reasons For Not Upgrading to iOS 7

If you are sticking with the older iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone, your preferences might permit holding off updating to the iOS 7.  Here are 3 good reasons.

Some applications will not be well compatible right away

3 Reasons For Not Upgrading to iOS 7

Mostly with the new software version, the apps often get failed to work or don’t get appeared in the update list due to incompatibility issue. Older devices can’t run well the new iOS 7 as they don’t have that kind of specs and features which supports iOS 7. So that’s why apps don’t work properly.

No jailbreak available yet

3 Reasons For Not Upgrading to iOS 7

Let me tell you that there is not any jailbreak have been made yet for iOS 7. But many users like to use jailbroken devices as they want to use their devices beyond a limit. So here’s an another reason for those who want jailbroken devices as this new iOS 7  isn’t going to work with your demands.

Older devices might experience slowness

The iOS 7 is compatible with iPod touch 5th generation, iPhone 4, iPad 2 and later. Not all the devices come with same features as the new iPhone 5C and 5S, and the new iPad (Ratina Display), as they need a new hardware to run properly.

3 Reasons For Not Upgrading to iOS 7

Older devices might not give the full performance as these aren’t designed to meet the requirements of the latest iOS 7. While the latest Apple’s Smartphones perform well with the new iOS 7. But if you want this new iOS 7 on your older iOS device then your device could perform very slowly that may tease you.


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