3 Apps for Pet Owners

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Do you have a pet? If yes then, defiantly you will wish to spend your more time with them and want to take care of them by yourself.

With the corporation of 7 hackers, we have now able to keep in touch with our pets either we are at office, school or anywhere away from your lovely pets.

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They introduced basic 3 apps for pet owners to give them relief from tension to remain away from pets. Seemingly, these are different apps to install on your computers and other devices to feel presence of your little once with you.

Local Sitter:

Local SitterThe best idea of local sitter app for pet owners is very useful and helpful to give knowledge about pets when they away from them.

This app is developed by a lover for developing apps on net based named Cody Reinold. He was a student and has interest in making apps when he was twelve years old.

This application is really amazing having HTML5 and PHP5 that has compatibility with all type of devices including PC, tablet computers or Smartphone too,  just need to support internet without which you become unable to use this facility.

No matter where your cat or puppy is, at home, with neighbors or friends you can connect with them doing messaging from this app or with live pictures, you can remain with your pets in every condition.

Kitty Balls:

Kitty BallsThis app especially made for sweet cats to play with them or to entertain you by playing with Kitty balls and developed by three child, they said they have concentration on development and this one is also their great effort to enable a person of pet owner to interact with his cat through a computer and this app.

You need to have a video cam attached to your computer to make connections with the second party and the Kitty app is fix with the ball then you can start play with cat by controlling the ball through internet.

Another feature of this app is you can upload your playing video on the websites.


Ones and Twos

The last one in apps for pet owners is Ones&Twos app allows you to get tricks and tips regarding your puppy’s training. Different techniques are there to make you a best trainer ever.

Not only this, it also sends you the clips and list of training tips to improve the way of your guidance behavior. Sharing facility to others about your pup’s video is there, through which you can easily access the other owners pup’s activities to make comparison with your puppy.

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