Why iPhone 6 & iPhone 5S Will Possibly Launch Together

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Why iPhone 6 & iPhone 5S  Will Possibly Launch Together

It has been said widely about the latest device from the Apple, iPhone 5. Apple will definitely release  a new handset this time as they have prepared every year since their 1st handset was released. Anyhow, this year could be diverse as there might be 2 handsets coming out.

There have been rumors about the low cost iPhone approaching our way and & these go back to the early last year. Different people are saying different things about the new Apple iPhone like, some people believe that it would be an Apple iPhone Mini, while others believe that it would be an Apple iPhone Lite.

Steve Jobs formerly said that he would favor it if the Apple cannibalized their sales as opposed to the competitors doing it. In spite of this Apple iPad Mini rumors were unnerved out when they surfaced very first time. However, Apple went forward and released cheaper version of the famous Apple iPad. Few people believe that it might eat into the sales of regular Apple iPad, anyhow, a survey had displayed that many buyers of the Apple iPad Mini were buying Apple tablets first time.

Why iPhone 6 & iPhone 5S  Will Possibly Launch Together

It shows that a cheaper iPhone might go the exact same way. It might help the people who can’t bear a premium iPhone to put their hands on an iPhone which is not old. In spite of giving it a name of Mini, Apple might give this phone a name of Apple iPhone 5S. But why they are doing so, the answer might be found with the Schiller from the Apple.

This is because the Schiller dismissed all the rumors related to the cheap Apple iPhone. The Apple does not want to represent it in a cheap iPhone as it could be bad for their revenue. So they decided to give it Apple iPhone 5S which would be better than cheap iPhone and may attract many buyers.

Like the Apple iPad Mini,  which apparently below the iPad 4, we might have an iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. Apple might have a 3.5 inch screen in cheaper model and it could make it clear that it was below the iPhone 5  with 4 inch screen display so it might come with a price below $199 at presentation. Apple might also create the iPhone 5S with mature processor as they did for iPad Mini.

Why iPhone 6 & iPhone 5S  Will Possibly Launch Together

It does make a sense for Apple to launch an iPhone 6 & iPhone 5S at the alike time. So as to not disaffect its present customers & at the same time take new ones. Android has been gulping up the market with the handsets in the low to the average price for some time. The iPhone 5S might aid them to enlarge their base as the customers would have an entrance point device like iPad Mini, without gobbling into the sales of iPhone 6.

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