Why a Late iPad 5& iPhone 5S Release is Great for the Android Users

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The Apple’s iPad 5 release is on the track for the season of holidays and iPhone 5S release might arrive as early as the September, but for the app developers and the case makers, lack of new Apple devices in 2013 is affecting a drop in sales. Android users might stand to profit from the change in Apple’s release cycle. So that’s why, the late iPad 5 & iPhone 5S release is probably giving benefit to Android users.

Why a Late iPad 5& iPhone 5S  Release is Great for the Android Users

As the companies who depend on the new Apple hardwares adjust to a less foreseeable iPad and iPhone release cycle, they’re putting their efforts into the making of Android accessories and apps.

Some of the growth started earlier that year when we have begun to see a giant jump in the number of cases for the android hardwares like the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, and it might carry over to the Nexus 7 2, HTC One Max and Galaxy Note 3.

Since the 1st iPad release in the April 2010, Apple’s release sequence comprised a summer or fall iPhone release and a spring iPad release, spreading a variety of new Apple devices out over the passage of a year.

In the 2012 this changed with the overview of a marginally updated iPad 4, but there was a still hope for the brand new iPad 5 release in spring 2013. As the summer draws to a close, the companies’re preparing for the future which might not comprise some new Apple devices spaced throughout the year.

Late iPad 5 Announcement Means Healthier Android Apps

The best apps frequently arrive on iPhone first, and when they come to Android they frequently do not come with the same elegance. In the interview with the Mashable, Denys Zhadanov (marketing manager at the Readdle) shared some sales statistics showing a drop in the app sales during the spring 2013, paralleled to spring 2012.

Why a Late iPad 5& iPhone 5S  Release is Great for the Android Users

Zhadanov clarifies the decline telling Mashable, ‘’ the absence of the new model of iPad this spring had an attractive noticeable effect on the sales.’’

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