Which Smartphone 2013 is Ideal For Gaming?

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Which Smartphone 2013 is Ideal For Gaming

If you’re one of those game addicts who want to know which Smartphone 2013 is ideal for gaming experience, this post will give you answer.

There’ve been around 15 Smartphones released to date, and there could be some more before this year ends. Samsung Galaxy 4S is being considered ideal for gaming.

Which Smartphone 2013 is Ideal For Gaming

Have a peek at comparative specifications. iPhone 5S has a 4-inch screen display, and Galaxy 4S has 5-inch screen display. Screen resolution of iPhone is about 640 x 1136 pixels while the Galaxy 4S is about 1080 x 1920 pixels.

The iPhone 5S is developed by dual core (1.3 GHz processor), while the Samsung Galaxy 4S is developed by quad core 1.9 GHz processor. But it wouldn’t be a big deal when you play some online casino games as they don’t have any heavy specs to play, and doesn’t make any difference when you’re playing Angry Birds application, but when you talk about some heavy multiplayer-console quality games. iPhone may be able to run this sort of heavy stuff, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 is doing a good job with these kind of heavy stuffs.

Which Smartphone 2013 is Ideal For Gaming

The Samsung Galaxy S4 does have some competitors other than iPhone 5S. For example, Motorola Razor I is a fine all rounder, Huawei Ascend P6 have a great value for money, there’re some files on HTC One X+. The Sony Xperia Z1 is the most ideal phone to come from Sony, However Samsung Galaxy S4 remains at the top.


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