Volvo Shows Off Apple’s CarPlay in a Video Demo

| March 6, 2014 | 0 Comments

Apple’s CarPlay in a Video Demo

It’s not too long since we broke the news Apple is prepping something innovative for driving experience. Now, this time we’ll take you at Geneva Auto Show where Volvo is making a video demo of Apple’s CarPlay. Apart from Volvo, there’re also some other names like Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari who just have made their Apple’s CarPlay video demos.

But this video demo helps us know how it’s gonna work with your iPhone. The Apple’s CarPlay includes some possible scenarios like you’ve to call your pal or go to the nearest restaurant or museum. It’s really a fun to see ourselves doing two tasks at the same time, what about having a text conversation with your buddy while getting engaged with driving?

It’s quite different from Ferrari where you see some sticky buttons around instead complete touch interface for piloting programs. You can see Volvo’s own software for navigation system coming in a features list.

Seeing Apple CarPlay in all of three automobile makers, we won’t hesitate to say Volvo did the best job with Apple Technology. Personally, the user interface in Volvo makes more innovative and sophisticated sense than Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari. We aren’t here to praise Volvo but the way they go through is really appreciable. Perhaps, we’ll be seeing Volvo’s business thriving with this new technology.

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