VLC For iPhone & iPad Returns With Dropbox Sync, Wi-Fi Upload and More

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VLC For iPhone & iPad Returns With Dropbox Sync, Wi-Fi Upload and More

Some years ago, the famous desktop media player VLC was launched for iPhone and iPad on the App Store, although, the app was ultimately removed from the App Store over the copyright issues with the GPL authorization. But now VLC for iPhone and iPad returns with the Dropbox Sync, Wi-Fi upload and many more.

Now, VLC returns on the iOS (App Store Link) with a comprehensive rewrite comprising AirPlay support, many ways to load files into video app, playback speed handling, realtime video filters, subtitles and more.

VLC for the iOS is still progressing to the international App Stores, beginning in New Zealand and Australia and coming to the U.S. this evening.

VLC For iPhone & iPad Returns With Dropbox Sync, Wi-Fi Upload and More

Today, it is my pleasure to proclaim that the VLC for the iOS is back to the App Store. It is available free of cost in any country, needs iOS 5.1 or later and runs on any kind of iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. This is more than a promotion of the initial version: it is full re~write. From the ground~up. Relying on the power of the MoblileVLCkit and its fundamental libvic, we began with the modern audio and video output modules giving faster drawing, complete support for the 10bit H264 encodings, lower latency and retina displays.

Some of the main features include:

Wi-Fi Upload ~ let the users upload their files directly to iOS version of VLC via a web browser on Mac or PC.

Dropbox Integration ~  play the media directly from the Dropbox or download for offline playback.

Download from website ~ Download your files from any website server for the offline palyback.

Network Streams ~ play any kind of network streams support by the VLC media player for the desktop  operating systems.

3rd~Party App Integration ~ Any app with the share dialog can utilize VLC for the iOS for the media playback.

Video Filters ~ video playback can be changed for contrast, hue, brightness, gamma or saturation in real time.

To ignore more copyright issues, the VLC for iOS version is completely open~source and video playback and library kits are accessible for the integration by the other developers. An SDK will be launched later this summer.

The VLC has launched on the New Zealand and Australian App Stores and it will be releasing on the others during the day and evening. It should be accessible in the United Nations at 11 PM Eastern time. [Direct Link of App Store].

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