Verizon CEO Convinced Steve Jobs to add LTE in iPhone – Said Verizon CEO

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Two days ago, an idea has shared by Varizone to add LTE (Long Term Evaluation) in the coming model of iPhone at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference,but not special attention has seen in his expression, after a long discussion,Verizon CEO convinced Steve Jobs to add LTE in iPhone.

LTE in iPhoneThis was done to facilitate iPhone users to use high level of network connections that will fulfill all of your needs. LTE is a wireless technology of the internet that will make possible to access other roaming networks through cell phones and different handheld devices.All this happens because LTE suggest making improvements in older cellular standards of communications.

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CEO (Lowell MacAdam) has done his job well and forced the Steve Jobs to make iPhone of LTE to provide a large era network. He is a great man working with Varizone since August 2011.

Although this was the idea of 2011, but due to some reasons they cannot make it true that apple company has decided in 2011 to make an iPhone 4S with having LTE, but cannot. This happens, due to some facts that they desired to make any attractive and slim phone to catch the eyes of beauty seekers whereas LTE demanded a large size to contain extra chips for LTE and they can’t do so.

Verizon CEO Convinced Steve JobsExcept this another reason to refuse this advice is to enhance the features of device to cut off the main issues having by apple users in which the one most common was the battery life issue.

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They want to enhance the life of the battery on the other hand, LTE consumes a huge battery and this will give a bad impact on the product of apple. Also they did not agree to change their beautiful design of their iPhone.. Well let’s hope when this will come true, but it is considered that you will soon able to use the strong LTE network on your iPhone.

In 2011 the company hired employees from the depart of telecommunication and LTE to make changes, but it is still in working process whereas in the discussion CEO said that today more than half of the wireless data is transferred in the video and that is amazing. 

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Not only this, he expected that Verizon will reach at the peak of success in coming years until 2017 when more than two-third percent of Verizon will be used.After this discussion in which Verizon CEO convinced Steve Jobs,now it can expect that LTE will come in iPhone 5 along with extra features.

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