Top 5 Forecasts For iPhone 6: Let’s Roar!

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Top 5 Forecasts For iPhone 6: Let’s Roar!

We can simply imagine that the Apple engineers completing their decisions over the high~anticipatied 7th~generation iPhone 6 at this same moment. Heck, it might be in the manufacturing levels by now. Even though we’ve seen many rumors and leaks over the days but inappropriately, Apple’s top~secret personal nature shows that none can be supposed for sure right now.

To at least have an idea of what we may be getting from the Tim Cooks~led team, we’ve set together a list of the top 5 forecasts for iPhone 6, upcoming big thing from the Apple.

A7 Processor

Each device comes with a faster processor than its forerunner and that style is probably to continue with the upcoming iPhone.

Better Camera

Let me tell you something about the upcoming iPhone’s camera that it must be the king of all existing Smartphone cameras as the Nokia Lumia 1020 has 41~Megapixel camera so the new iPhone 6 camera must be better than the Nokia Lumia 1020. So you can expect efficient camera from the upcoming Apple device.


Apple might not be a fan of the Samsung~like nerdy  gesture recognition but we currently marked a feature in the iOS 7’s availability section which allows the users to control their device through head movements. Get the clue guys!


Not being an admirer of the fancy technologies, Apple generally delays a while to let them ripe enough but finally, it looks like the time Apple must jump on the bandwagon with iPhone 6.

Game Controller

App Store is overflowing with lots of innovative and console~quality games. Even the iOS 7 has brought support for the game controllers. So if we’re reading the signs accurately, an Apple~branded game controller must be introduced along with iPhone 6.

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