Three Reasons Why iPhone 6 might be a Phablet!

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Three Reasons Why iPhone 6 might be a Phablet!

The upcoming iPhone 6 might be a Phablet (five inch) . Current rumors and the media reports suggest that the Apple is working on the smart phone with a wider screen display. Here are the top three reasons why a larger Smartphone makes sense.

  1. Phone & a Media Device

The conservative phone had only one determination, to make calls. But later, listening to the music was added. And today, a Smartphone is widely used for the multiple functions. It isn’t only used as the connectivity device but also as the media device.

Three Reasons Why iPhone 6 might be a Phablet!

Many customers like to watch some videos or movies apart from enjoying music on their mobile devices. The recent smaller screen size on iPhones might not  be very fascinating to the customers who use it to watch some videos. The developers of iPhone 6 will surely take this into account.

  1. Apple’s Product Line

The Apple has extended its product line over some past years. The iPad has a smaller variant, iPad mini. It has become customary to expect 2 iPhone releases in a year and there’re some rumors of a cheaper iPhone 5C in the September event.

The Apple has products with the 4 inch screen and some devices with the 7 plus inch displays. It is only a matter of the time that Apple releases a new device catering to the requirements of 5 inch segment. The upcoming iPhone 6 might be the ideal to fulfill that need. The analysts think that this has been the main differentiating factor between the Apple and the Samsung.

  1. A Phone for the Business Executives

Many business managers want to be connected, even while they’re travelling. They rely on Smartphones to surf the internet or send some emails. A bigger screened iPhone 6 might make it very cozy to do this. The Samsung currently released the Galaxy Note 3, that looks to be focused particularly on the business executives.

Three Reasons Why iPhone 6 might be a Phablet!

Given the requirements and benefits of a five inch display Smartphone and the current media reports, the customers can expect to see the upcoming iPhone 6 coming to a wider screen.


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