The Newest on iPhone 5C

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The Newest on iPhone 5C

The Apple made its strongest splash since the death of Steve Jobs in the second week of the September with the launch of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S models. The both devices are coming in with the unexpected level of hysteria surrounding them, particularly with the iPhone 5C.

The rumors have proven true that iPhone 5S is the 1st of iPhone prototypes to come in the gold instead of the typical black, and the white alternative encasement. This is an important change from the Apple’s design standards. But the main story is iPhone 5C.

The Newest on iPhone 5C

For many years, the Apple stayed strong on the top of Smartphone game, as the sales of iPhone models have lived up to their hype, and has conveyed gradually for the company. But for some past couple of years, the Korean Tech Giant Samsung has given Apple a run for their money, particularly with the progress of Samsung S2, and S3 in the international market.

This has been due to the Samsung pointing mid to low income markets in the Asia. But with the Sept.10 launch set by the Apple, and the releasing of iPhone 5C, maybe the Apple is set to balance the Smartphone field with the budget iPhone.

The Newest on iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C, with the ‘C’ allegedly denoting COLOR will be following the template of recent iterations of Apple iPod touch and iPod nano with its choice of the pastel colors on its back side. Photos from Chinese blog have confirmed this with some units lined up with various colored backs.

But a more telling detail to iPhone 5C that you might buy the accessories from ever buying is that it’ll come in the plastic, instead genuine aluminum. Not only will this make unit more resistant to bumps and scratches, but more significantly lessens the production cost, and finally its retail cost.


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