The Apple’s iOS 7 Gives A New Look To The iPhone And iPad

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The Apple’s iOS 7 Gives A New Look To The iPhone And iPad

The new operating system for iPhone and iPad Apple’s iOS 7 gives a new look and some awesome new features as well. Launched Wednesday, the iOS 7 signifies the most important overhaul of the very famous mobile software since 1st iPhone. Gone are the curvy buttons and icons and some virtual textures, like the leather cover for contact application, which dominated old version of the iOS.

The new operating system gets familiar features that the users can easily understand. Application icons are arranged in a sequence of the home pages and can be placed in the folders. And commonly used applications such as the Safari browser and the phone dialer are still in the task bar at the bottom side of the screen.

The fresh look is a kind of energizing change and is easier to navigate and understand, for instance, the Spotlight search of iOS, an easy to miss feature positioned to the left side of the home page, can be accessed easily from home page by a swipe from the mid of the screen.

The Apple’s iOS 7 Gives A New Look To The iPhone And iPad

Let me tell you about the one of the top is Control Center, that gives the users a simple way to set common settings. And available with an upward swipe from the bottom side of the screen. This nifty feature lets the users turn their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios ON or OFF or set the brightness and volume of their devices. in the previous versions of the iOS, the users had to release the setting app and then dig via many screens; the Control Center makes the procedure much easier.

I also do not like some features of the Apple’s iOS 7. The new application folders are luminous squares which makes it feel like that someone has got an eraser and constantly smudged out some bits of home page’s background.

The Apple  indeed failed to  update that how iOS shows notifications, so they’re still blatant. It could make someone unhappy, and I wish that the Apple had fixed this problem.


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