The Seeped Image of iOS 8 Talks About New Apps

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The Seeped Image of iOS 8 Talks About New AppsLooking for next has always been very interesting. It could be anything like next movie, smartphone, car and a lot more. We’ll also let you know about another next thing, the iOS 8 new mobile operating from Apple. It’s likely that the new OS could come to iPhone or iPad users in June with more new options and features. Maybe, Apple wants to see its new flagship device running on a new operating system.

Sources close to the rumors suggest that the iOS 8 will have a strong focus on the fitness. The seeped image confirms the new apps like TextEdit and Preview. Another thing which has been floating in the air is Healthbook app also can be seen in the leaked photo.



This app will allow the users to get updated with their fitness stats like tracking of blood pressure, calories, glucose level and heart rate. Seeing obesity the world’s main problem, the tech manufactures have come out with new devices that help reduce the fatness. It could be a tact of staying in the game and Apple is just following it.

There are also some reports pointing a major Maps overhaul for next iOS to facilitate users with more new handy options. It would be interesting to see Apple releasing iPhone 6 along with iOS 8 that doesn’t look possible before September as we’ve seen Apple announcing iPhone 5S/5C and iOS 7 in the same month last year.


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