Some Privacy Tips Of iOS 7

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Some Privacy Tips Of iOS 7

If you’ve not updated your iPad, iPhone, or iPad touch to the iOS 7 so far, I’ve only one question for you: What’re you waiting for?

That isn’t to say that the latest version of Apple’s OS is perfect. Here’re some privacy tips of iOS 7 you might want to review.

Enable Don’t Track, and block cookies in the Safari

To activate the Do Not Track in the Safari, Open Setting and select Safari. Tap the toggle to the right side of this feature. To block the cookies in the Safari, choose Block Cookies in the Safari’s Setting and select either Always, or ‘’from 3rd parties & advertiser’’.

Scroll down the Safari’s Settings to find out other two privacy enhancing options: Clear Cookies, Data, and History.

Some Privacy Tips Of iOS 7

Before you click, view a link’s URL

Hold and press a link to open a half window which shows link’s URL & 4 options: Open > Open in new page > Add to Reading List > Copy.

Block callers in your contacts

On iPhone, blocking service is available in Phone, FaceTime, and Message apps. On iPod touch and iPad, you can block annoying callers in FaceTime and Message. As the Apple Support states, you will not receive messages, phone or FaceTime calls from annoying persons.

Some Privacy Tips Of iOS 7

In FaceTime and Phone applications, Open Recents or Favorites, tap the Information button that is located on the right side of the contact you wanna block, Scroll down > choose Block this Caller. You may also Open Contacts > Choose the entry > Choose Block this Caller.

 If you want to block a sender in the Messages, open any message, tap the Contact > Hit Info button > Press this Caller.

If you want to see your blocked callers, Choose app in the Settings, and choose Blocked. You may also add a contact to the list simply by tapping Add New and then choosing the contact. If you want to unblock a contact, tap Edit and then select the entry.


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