Maxthon Releases Latest iOS Browser

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Maxthon Releases Latest iOS Browser

Maxthon a software company releases a latest iOS browser today, coming with high performance and speed improvements, localized content in more than 15 languages and sharing capabilities.

It’s a better, user friendly and more convenient way to experience web on iPhone or iPad. It fills those empty holes that weren’t good for web browsing on iOS devices. This latest iOS browser makes your browsing more easy than ever before.

It also comes with some new features, bigger social integration; with the click of button, you can easily share your content to the social channels anytime and anywhere from the browser. Let me tell about the Shake and Send feature it lets the users share their content by only shaking their device. Another major feature that you can see in this latest iOS browser is Localized Content, local news, services and content available in more than 15 languages that will allow the users to easily access the relevant information. I don’t forget to talk  about the Push Away feature as it let the users to easily navigate and view the web with just one hand. Oh that’s really great.

Maxthon Releases Latest iOS Browser

‘’With the passage of time or as this modern world demands, people want to surf the web on their mobile instead of on their computers,’’ Said Karl Mattson (VP of the Maxthon company). ‘’Web browsers should be more optimized for the mobile devices. The Maxthon’s newly released iOS browser shows the  reflection of our vision, making Web surfing faster, easier and well optimized for our customers.’’


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