Kevin Lynch Resigns Adobe for a New Job in Apple

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A person who was present at the seat of adobe CTO (Chief Technology Officer) before two days, has moved now to have new experience with Apple Corporation. Sources tell us that adobe has not yet hired a new person in place of Kelvin whereas its seat is given under the responsibilities of CEO of the company.

Although this will become tough for CEO but company force him to watch the duties of Kelvin. Well for leaving adobe, it wished him“best of luck” words to have success in his next stage of life. He worked for about seven years with adobe and earn successive career.

Kevin Lynch resigns AdobeKelvin Lynch resigns Adobe for a new job offered by Apple Company to work them to bring more changes in the field of technology.

Why Kevin Lynch Joins Apple?

Kelvin did work with Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud and launched much software. No doubt his work is very appreciable and he is well known person in the field of technology.

Except this he has participate and help the Apple company in making first software for Mac system and develop its first framework and also worked for General Magic, this was the history of his previous work. Kelvin Lynch resigns Adobe and now he become the head of Apple Corporation and will join the post of Vice president of technology and will report to Bob Mansfield.

 Both Apple and adobe companies warred over the issue of Flash which comes in 2010. He recently realized that the format of flash is not supported to mobiles and the main center of attention should be the HTML5 which leads the world of technology towards ahead.

Why Kevin Lynch Leave Adobe?

This was happened because adobe refused the flash player work for mobiles and Apple do the same react for that which caused to end of the Kelvin’s idea. He will work for apple in area of online services and Cloud computing which need his attention to reach the peak of success.

Adobe company has no issue with his decision of leaving this company whereas they happy with him and his work too which he has done in his days of employment.

Abode and its employs pray for his success and have wished for him to reach the peak of success in his next career opportunity.

Apple refused to use flash with iPhones because it is a big cause to eat battery life of phones and creating problems in security records and some others. This is the old war between adobe and apple for which Kelvin Lynch resigns adobe. Hope this opportunity will seems good for Kelvin to use his great thinking and broader mind to bring fabulous changes in mobile’s technology.

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