Japanese Rumor States That Apple Is Preparing Multicolor iPhones

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multicolor iPhones have been made
It has been said that Apple is making multicolor iPhones at reasonable price for those who deemed it expensive. The news approved by a Japanese website Macotakora. There are also some rumors about the iPhone 5S in the air that it will also available in multicolor.

multicolor iPhones have been made
That color that has been used in the multicolor iPhones will be in two sets. The first set includes white, orange, navy, gold and gray. The second set includes pink, white, blue, green, orange and yellow. The main thing that I observed about the colors Is that none of the sets does not contain Black color.

multicolor iPhones have been madeThere are a lot of rumors that have been said about the iPhones. One of them is that Apple is looking for inexpensive iPhones to meet the requirements of the people of Brazil, India, China and Russia.

Moreover, it has been said that the iPhone 5S will come in gold and green colors.  The iPhones are known for black and white colors. This part of the story seems doubtful that it will appear or available in gold or green color. Though, this is a good news for those who want to see multicolor iPhones.

multicolor iPhones have been madeThere are also some rumors being related to the iPad of next generation that there will a microphone on its back and supporting SIM cards. If this comes true means that we will be able to make calls from our iPad.

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