iPhone Sales To Hit The 62 Million in 4th Quarter, Predicts Analyst

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iPhone Sales To Hit The 62 Million in 4th Quarter, Predicts Analyst

iPhone sales will not heat up till the December quarter after the Apple reveals a low~cost model. At least, that is the forecast from the analyst Gene Munster.

For June quarter outcomes, that Apple reports on the Tuesday, Munster guesses iPhone sales of twenty six million, on the par with Wall Street forecasts. If precise, that would match the sold number during same quarter in the 2012.

For sept quarter, the analyst forestalls iPhone sales of just twenty four million, lower that 26.9 million sold over the exact period last year. Which approximation assumes that the largely estimated iPhone 5S ships during the 2nd to the last week in September.

But the picture for the Apple seems jauntier once the holiday season reels around.

Boosted by the debut of a rumored low~cost iPhone, Apple might sell sixty two million iPhones during the last calendar quarter of the 2013, according to the Munster. Wall Street supposes just fifty million units. But that the number does not suppose the rollout of a low~cost version, that Munster thinks might trigger  twelve million unit sales on its own.

iPhone Sales To Hit The 62 Million in 4th Quarter, Predicts Analyst

Still, that sixty two million figure might be knocked down by the cannibalization from cheaper model, the analyst further added in an investors note launched Monday.

‘’We are supposing a 50% cannibalization factor from the low~cost phone, that might be too violent as we have have to hear launch details yet,’’ Munster said. ‘’If you enhance back cannibalized phones, our ‘’Core’’ iPhone units expect for the December 13 would be fifty six million or 17% (year~on~year) growth for the 1st full quarter of iPhones 5S.’’

For last quarter of the 2012 (Apple’s 1st fiscal 2013 quarter), company sold 47.8 million units.

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