iPhone 6’s Front Panel Leaked Ahead of the Official Release

| August 12, 2014 | 0 Comments

As the official release of iPhone 6 is approaching near, the things around the tech society are getting higher. Today, we are up with some leaked images that could be of Apple’s next iPhone.  It is iPhone 6’s front panel showed from different angels in these images.

iPhone 6 front panel

According to the Taiwanese  blog AppleClub, these are the real images giving us an idea of Apple’s next flagship smartphone’s design. The report doesn’t talk about sapphire glass material that has been floated around for a long time. There’re also some reports saying Apple will be launching not one but two iPhones as it did last year with iPhone 5S and 5C.

There’ll be two iPhones with different screen sizes; one with 5.5-inch while the other one with 4.7-inch screen size. Both of them are supposed to be coming later this year. September 19 is said to be the most believable date when Apple will be announcing its plans for 2014.

iPhone 6 front panel 2

Anyhow, there isn’t a single word from Apple for its upcoming flagship smartphone so far. So, take this post as a grain of salt as nothing has been confirmed yet. We’ll let you if there comes anything official from the company. Stay tuned!


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