iPhone 6 Rumors, News, Release Date And Features

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iPhone 6 Rumors, News, Release Date And Features

The next iPhone is still in the air making it more curios for the people who are looking for the new iPhone 6. Everyone is talking about the iPhone 6 that what Apple is going to introduce in the new iPhone.  Here we have some numerical guesswork about this nifty iPhone.

iPhone 6 screen

iPhone 6 Rumors, News, Release Date And Features

Let’s start with the  iPhone 6 screen, mostly the display of Apple’s new product thrusts the boundaries of the industry. Many of us can observe 4 inch screen of the iPhone 5 that shows Apple’s inclination towards producing big screens. As the competitors of the Apple are also making large sized screen gadgets as the large sized display is being appreciated by the people. You can see Android phones which have a large screen display like the Sony Xperia or the Samsung Galaxy S4.  So we can expect the large screen display in iPhone 6.

According to the MacRumours, an analyst has preferred that Apple might be looking to implement innovative 4.8 inch retina plus IGZO screen created by Sharp, that will make iPhone 6 display brighter, thinner and much clearer which will be better than HD resolutions.

Appearance of iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Rumors, News, Release Date And Features

Apple’s latest iPhone 6 may have a wraparound, curved screen, according to the latest Apple patent filing.  The new patent shows off design of an iPhone with wraparound (AMOLED screen), that seems to be familiar in design to the 4rd generation iPod Nano, has gained specific attention.

Release date of iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Rumors, News, Release Date And Features

It has been said by many analysts that the innovative iPhone 6 won’t come until 2014. Apple’s iPhone proctices an innovative technology called ‘‘in- cell’’ that necessary engages the touch screen with glass screen into 1 thin & slim display. ‘’The upcoming iPhone will come with 20nm processor, making it more efficient to add more cores, perhaps 4 or 8. With the new processing speed, iOS needs to be upgraded. The new and latest iOS architecture may not be prepared until 2014’’, as the report says.

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