iPhone 6 Rumors to Carry an Ultra-Slim Body

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New iPhone 6

With the move of time, the rumor mill of iPhone 6 is spreading greatly around the tech society. One of them cites that the new iPhone will hold an ultra-slim body, which is around 6 millimeters, according to a report on ETNews.

The iPhone 5C measures 8.9mm while iPhone 5S measures 7.6mm. This gives a realistic touch to the rumor; Apple will definitely come with different idea. If this rumor turns into reality, the iPhone 6 would be the thinnest Smartphone around.

On the other hand, the report hints about heavy chassis of iPhone 6 due to the enhancement of metal material. The use of Liquidmetal is also floating in the air as Apple has used it before but in small quantity.

There are reports that point out September for the iPhone 6 release. Both new iPhones will arrive in the month of September as we’ve seen two iPhones coming in September 2013. You must be wondering, what’s the second one? It would be a successor of iPhone 5S.

Apple iPhone 6

The iOS 8 and A8 processor are the highly rumored features of iPhone 6. The patents of Apple suggest that next iPhone will sport a flexible or curved screen imbedded by Liquidmetal. Improved finger sensor, Siri & gesture controls and a refocusable camera are also under the umbrella of iPhone 6’s features.

These reports don’t have any kind of approval from Apple as nothing has been announced by Apple officially regarding its next iPhone.


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