iPhone 6 & iPad mini 2 Elite iOS 7 Features

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iPhone 6 & iPad mini 2 Elite iOS 7 Features

There is not any ambiguity that an iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S will come in a couple of upcoming months time and the phone will be shadowed up with an interesting iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 soon after. This is how it occurred last year, and we get no reason to distrust the same pattern this year, even some blogs  jazz around with the conflicting launch date rumor. But we are here to provide you some predictions about the iPhone 6 & iPad mini 2.

While we are much certain a new iPhone will release this year, its name is another issue and some leaks pointing at 2 models could change the way Apple decides to name the phones this year, for myself, we would not like to get any confusion in 2013 with the name procedure and love the concept of  an advanced  spec iPhone 6  the metal and an inexpensive iPhone 5S in the plastic which has been pointed in the leaked photos.

iPhone 6 & iPad mini 2 Elite iOS 7 Features

If the Apple releases an iPhone 6, will a slight innovation and advanced specs, then it delivers a strong understanding of the advanced handset. The leaks preferring a plastic iPhone 5 would only complicate matters in our view, particularly considering we’ve an iPhone 5 in the metal currently, so if the Apple do release 2 models with various price points then the new names would be much stronger and serve a determination for the iPhone 5S.

IPhone 6 & iPad mini 2 with elite iOS 7 features

Some of the readers are betting that the new features won’t come in iOS 7 beta 4, but somewhat later on with the iOS 7 Gold Master or even with the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 launch.

iPhone 6 & iPad mini 2 Elite iOS 7 Features

There have been lots of ideas for the new features in iOS 7, though one of the most nifty was adding the swift reply to messaging and the ability to enhance images to the contacts list view, ‘’messaging list and conversation view’’. Another one of our readers ended a remarkable point by stating,

‘’ they did it with the Macs, but we’ll most likely see this as  an elite feature on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or even later in the iOS 8’’.

While we do not essentially agree with these comments, it’s true that the Apple loves to sell a new handset with some elite features when possible. We saw this with the Siri, and we’ll see it again with the other new features which could be possible on the other devices but are secured as a selling method for the new hardware.

The present iOS 7 beta versions have exposed that the iPhone 4S lacks the Airdrop as seen with the iPhone 5 and the iOS 7. This could not modify in the coming betas, we’ve also seen some features and options left out of the new iPad mini software and we can’t be sure if it will modify by the public release. This incorporates particular camera filters and the Panorama, but iPad mini 2 may comprise thsese iOS 7 options and more once it is launched around September.

You can also expect that the iPhone 6 & iPad mini 2 to include elite class specs and camera upgrades, so we would expect all iOS 7 options on these hardwares but there is a good chance of some elite features as well.

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