iPhone 5S Issues and Problems News Update

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iPhone 5S Issues and Problems News Update

Apple admitted that a very small number of the iPhone 5S devices, company’s recent premier line of the units, are facing a problem that is affecting phone’s battery life.

Apple has talked about these defective units, according to PC Mag report. ‘’We discovered a manufacturing problem affecting a very limited number of iPhone 5S units that might cause the battery to get longer to charge and result in condensed battery life, ‘’ Apple stated in its statement. ‘’We’re reaching to the customers with the affected iPhones and will replace their affected phones with new ones.’’ However, Apple didn’t mention exactly how many units are affected.

iPhone 5S Issues and Problems News Update

Defective iPhones were confirmed by some customers themselves. iPhone 5S customers are about defective batteries, though it hasn’t been confirmed whether the iPhones are the ones exactly affected by the manufacturing issue that the Apple acknowledged.

iPhone 5S Issues and Problems News Update

The users of iPhone 5S are disappointed as these units didn’t live up to what Apple says, in terms of the battery life. An iPhone 5S should last ten hours of the talk time on a 3G and 250 hours on standby. The Smartphone should last for eight hours of the internet use of 3G and 10 hours on Wi-Fi or LTE. The handset also has an ability to watch videos up to 10 hrs, and listen music up to 40 hrs.


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