iPhone 5 Chargers Should Come From the Apple

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iPhone 5 Chargers Should Come From the Apple

If you have an iPhone 5 ~ or any other iOS device, for that issue ~ the Apple says that you should go for its official iOS charger. Using and buying iPad or iPhone chargers from a 3rd party might result in very horrible things .. Like electrocution. So Apple recommends that the iPhone 5 chargers should come from the Apple.

iPhone 5 Chargers Should Come From the Apple

In case you neglected it , a Chinese woman was electrocuted by iPhone 5 recently while it was on charging. Ma Ailun, a 23~year~old flight attendant with the China Southern Airline, was supposedly using her iPhone 5 while charging on July 11. According to the flight attendant’s sister, the Ailun was hit by the strong electronic current while on a call. The iPhone 5 was on charging at that time.

Another current incident comprising an iPhone 4 and a 3rd party charger supposedly left a man in a coma.

The Apple said that it was examining the situation and has posted a guide on its Chinese website, that urges the iOS owners to use only official Apple charger when charging up their devices.

‘’ Apple puts the user’s protection first, so all of our devices are question to stringent reliability and safety testing. And designed to meet the government protection standard around the world, including for the iPad and iPhone USB power adapter, ‘’ Apple said.

iPhone 5 Chargers Should Come From the Apple

Just to ignore any confusion, the Apple has included photos of some appropriate charger for its devices available in the China, comprising iPhone 4,4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3,4 and iPad mini.

‘’This overview will aid you to identify original Apple USB power adapter. When you want to charge your iPhone or iPad. We suggest you to use the random standard USB adapter and cable. These cables and adapter are available distinctly from the Apple & its authorized resellers,’’ description reads. While we have not heard of any alike incidents happening in the U.S., it’s perhaps best not to take any risks.

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