iPad Sales Drop, While Iphone Sales Smash Record Numbers

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iPad Sales Drop, While Iphone Sales Smash Record Numbers

The Apple has reported a large figure for the iPhone sales in its Q3 and earnings that were fair above what the Wall Street expecting.

The Company saw $35.6 billion in the sales, that is dimly up from from its incomes in the same cycle last year. Not all the data met hopes though.  iPad sales and Mac sales were down from the last year, and the Apple did not even hesitate to report iPod sales. ( Apple sold about 6.8 million iPod units in the Q3 of 2012).

iPad Sales Drop, While Iphone Sales Smash Record Numbers

Here is a look at some of 3rd quarter of 2013 figures that the Apple did want to share:

$35.6 billion in the sales. Apple’s sales were driven by the iPhone sales mostly, that CEO Tim Cook took to raise in his statement to press. He mentioned the iOS platform as the growing income source. This sales data is up from the $35 billion in the 3rd quarter of the previous year.

14.6 million iPads sold. iPad sales drop from last year, when the Apple broke a quarterly record, selling seventy million iPads.

3.8 million Macs sold. Which is down dimly from four million Macs sold in the 3rd quarter of 2012.

31.2 million iPhones sold. iPhone sales were a quarterly record for the Apple. The data compares to the twenty six million iPhones sold previous year. Users have formed about 320 million iPhone accounts, sending nine hundred billion iMessages & 125 billion photos and generating eight trillion push notifications.

One billion Television episodes & 390 million movies downloaded in the iTunes. The Apple said these large figures break down to the users downloading 800,000 television episodes and 350,000 films each day.

Fifty billion apps downloaded from the App Store. Apple celebrated the App Store’s fifth year anniversary recently and its current data show the platform is going solid. There are more that nine hundred thousand apps in the App Store, with the 375,000 apps made particularly for the iPad. Developers have made $11 billion from the sales, and half of that was got in the last four quarters, according to the Apple.

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