iOS 7 could Be Apple’s Most Secure Mobile Operating System Ever

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iOS 7 could Be Apple's Most Secure Mobile Operating System Ever

On the September 18, the Apple will unleash a redesigned OS for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. Called the iOS 7, the upcoming update has got lots of attention for its drastic new look, but it is also packed to the gills with the security options. So much so that it could be the most secure iOS to date.

Goodbye, Mactans!

One of largest stories to come out this year, the Black Hat conference was about the Mactans box that might hijack any connected iPhone. The demo hinted that ne’er-do-wells might rig up alike devices in the public charging stations to infect the iOS devices with the malware.

But the devices running iOS 7 will not trust connected computers automatically. Instead, you will be prompted to trust the connected computer or ignore it. We will have to see if this ends Mactans style attacks completely, but it is a big step in the right direction.

Call Blocking & Privacy

Many 3rd party Android security apps contain call and message blocking, but the Apple will be baking feature into the iOS 7. From either FaceTime or Messages settings menu, you can block any contact from messaging, calling, or FaceTime with you. This feature looks to be limited to the contacts, however, making it tricky for blocking the SMS spam.

iOS 7 will sport new privacy controls, comprising a different advertiser ID number which users can reset at will. This way, the advertisers can still produce some data on users, but they will not touch important stuff (like your phone number or your device ID).

Passwords & Theft

One feature I have been very excited about in the iOS 7 is iCloud keychain. This gets all password info stored in OS X keychain app and makes it accessible across devices. Expectantly the Apple will let mobile users generate passwords, Plus saving them as well, though it isn’t cross platform, it’ll optimistically encourage better password habits for the Apple users.

Loss & theft are the main threats to the iPhones, and while Touch ID fingerprint reader might help guard your phone it will not help get it back. To that end, the Apple has updated their brilliant Find My iPhone antitheft tool. Before, you might locate,wipe, message, and set an alarm on the lost device. But with the iOS 7, wiped phones will need Apple ID & password to be unlocked, so your iPhone will always be your iPhone.


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