iOS 7 beta 7 Release Goes Baseless

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iOS 7 beta 7 Release Goes Baseless

If you’re seeing any claims of iOS 7 beta 7 launch date planned or that it has just squeezed in before the Apple occasion expected in eight days time, so you should just disregard them. The Gold Master is estimated to be the next before a public release and any blog claiming another iOS 7 beta has gone live for the developers to download must be somewhere other than this world.

After proving from our developer for the minor possibility of iOS 7 beta 7, he ensured moments ago that the normal ‘your software is up to date’ message seems on the iPhone 5S & 4S running beta 6.

iOS 7 beta 7 Release Goes Baseless

This means that with over a week to go until an estimated Apple keynote, we extremely doubt that you’ll see the iOS 7 beta 7 launch today, even some blogs claim it’ll arrive or has released already. This news is just confusing people rather than reporting the facts, though we’ll update product reviews readers when the latest update lands at the some point.

Would you want to see the iOS 7 beta 7 today or the Gold Master next Tuesday? In our view, the upcoming software download will arrive at the estimated iPhone event in the coming week and it’ll be the Gold Master and then launching to the public this month before the iPhone arrives.

 It should be pointed out, that some people are also getting tangled over the iOS 7 launch date, thanks to the certain blogs misinforming readers again. New iPhone 5C and 5S event could be happen on the Sept.10, but this is not an exact release date for either the new software or Phone.

The most you’ll see is the new hardware uncovered and a Gold Master of the iOS 7. So, any blogs declaring different aren’t that well informed.


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