The U.S. Defense Department Approves The iOS 6 Devices For The Military Networks

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iOS 6 devices for the military usage

According to the latest report from this month, The U.S defense authority approves the iOS 6 devices for the military networks. Bloomberg has endorsed the news that the U.S defense authority officially approves the Apple’s products for the military networks.

iOS 6 devices for the military use

The statement of the approval of  preferring the  Apple’s devices came and the U.S defense authority puts preference in the iOS 6 devices of the Apple for the military network usage. The Pentagon on 2 May approved South korea, suwon-based samsung’s devices, as well as blackberry playbook tablets and blackberry 10 Smartphones.

It would be astonishing for you that the defense department used 41,000 mobile devices from Apple. The total number was 600,000. It is showing the defense department’s liking for Apple products. The reason of liking iOS 6 devices is to secure the defense department with the more strong applications which only fits in Apple’s iOS  6 devices. Not only defense department is showing their interest towards the Apple’s products but also some security agencies are approving the Apple’s devices for the betterment of the security needs.

The U.S Air force is also showing their approval of using Apple’s devices because the air force authority took the advantage of using iPads against thousands pages of the flight manuals.

iOS 6 devices for the military use

The decision of the U.S. air force that the replacement of the flight manuals with the iPad has been good according to the last year’s verdict. This is a good idea of saving time and money both.

iOS 6 devices for the military usage

Not only the air force is using the Apple’s devices but also many other private airlines to improve the revenue. It has been beneficiary for both pilots and the owner as they get more revenue after applying this revolutionary technology.


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